Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Friends Forever

I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself:

rachael: oh. my. god.
jocelyn: i know
rachael: omg
jocelyn: i know
rachael: i fucking love this song
rachael: come on, admit's great
jocelyn: im so excited about this
rachael: they all have such polished vocals for their age
rachael: almost sounds like it could be someone else
jocelyn: almost
jocelyn: hahahaha
rachael: and all those people out to see them, they must have a great publicist
jocelyn: they do remember and then she makes zack go solo
jocelyn: and he looses all his friends
rachael: oh yes!
jocelyn: fantastic
rachael: god, totally a behind the music prequel
rachael: those saved by the bell peeps were ahead of their time
jocelyn: they were
rachael: i'm posting this on my blog
rachael: first fall out boy, and now zack attack...i'm doing well
jocelyn: i did already
jocelyn: hahaha
rachael: dammit jocelyn you beat me to it!
jocelyn: i have fall out boy and zack attack and sugar ray
rachael: god, how can i compete
jocelyn: you just cant
rachael: i can't


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