Thursday, January 4, 2007

Blog Show 13!

This week is the international show! Listen in for two Canadians, a couple Scots and a Brit....and my HORRIFIC attempt at speaking french.

All in all? A good time. Check it out at Click on "the blog show".

Be Good - Tokyo Police Club
Citizens Of Tomorrow - Tokyo Police Club
Nature Of The Experiment - Tokyo Police Club

Jenny Don't Be Hasty - Paolo Nutini
Last Request - Paolo Nutini
Rewind - Paolo Nutini

La Monogamie - Malajube
Ton Plat Favori - Malajube
Montreal - 40ÂșC - Malajube

Ice Cream - New Young Pony Club
Get Dancey - New Young Pony Club
Descend - New Young Pony Club

Wasted Little DJs - The View


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