Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The View @ Mercury Lounge

[Pic stolen from Nora]

Last night, in spite of feeling crummy and tired I ventured over to Mercury to catch the latest NME sensations The View at their early showcase for all those whatsitcalls in the industry (seriously, who were all the old dudes?) Nora and I gave it a 50/50 shot that we'd like them. We really weren't expecting much at all, to be honest. In fact we were both so tired that we took a seat to the left of the stage, and contemplated taking a nap.

And then they came on stage. And I saw the floppy hair. So I stood up and began to bob my head. (I'm easily persuaded)

I ended up liking the band, nothing of a lifelong love though. Everyone's calling them the Scottish Arctic Monkeys, however I don't think their songs are as memorable. It was loud, jangly brit rock with a bit of a classic Scottish traditional edge to it. Sing-song? Sure. Fun? Of course. Just nothing mind-blowing.

We should come to expect this from NME bands, but I still enjoy most of their picks. The View are four young (seriously is one of them 12?) band that jumped around the stage and spouted a lot of babble that I don't think anyone in the crowd understood. Twas a short but sweet set that satisfied my needs, and frankly exceeded my expectations. Perhaps there is more to show from this burgeoning band. We shall see.

  • The View - Same Jeans
  • The View - Wasted Little DJs

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