Friday, January 26, 2007

Mason Proper @ Pianos

[pic via bethanythanks]

Despite battling a pretty nasty headcold, I have managed to have a pretty crazy week. While walking over to Pianos with Katie on Wednesday night, I told her that I had been in a bit of a musical rut lately. I go through phases when every show I go to I'm blown away, and other times when nothing catches my fancy. Lately I've been listening and seeing the same bands I have known and loved for ages. I needed something new to latch on to. I was hoping Mason Proper just might be one of them.

From the little I knew about this band, they held high on my list of bands to check out. I had been told I'd like them by multiple sources, and their plays on WOXY alone sealed the deal. A signee to Dovecote Records, they are in the right hands. But I expected the worst, and hoped for the best. You never really know these days.

Their show at Pianos was very much like the first time I saw Aberdeen City on the same stage. I was, for lack of a better word, wowed. It's nice to see bands these days who actually have a tight and concise set. Katie and I played the "this band meets that band meets another band" for who they sounded like, but I’ll spare you from the lame comparisons. I hate matching bands to others.

All you need to know is this band puts on a roaring live set with an array of instruments, fronted by a charming boy in glasses that likes to flail his arms about while singing. Their sound is universally approachable, while still refreshingly simple. Forget all those silly experimental indie bands that make songs sound like pure noise. Mason Proper has found a way to incorporate noise into catchy little tunes.

Their album There Is A Moth In Your Chest will be available nationwide on March 13. You can pre-order the album right now and receive a 7-inch picture disc with a B-side entitled 'Traveling Man." Head on over to Dovecote Records for more info or check out the band on myspace.

I'm assuming/hoping the band will be down in Austin for SXSW to play some shows and promote the new album. I need to see them at least five more times.

  • Mason Proper - My My (Bad Fruit)
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