Thursday, January 25, 2007


Another super special Blog Show on BreakThru Radio. This time around we had some fun guests stop by (thanks in large part to the fact that I now have a couch!) Rob from the band Morning Theft came by to premiere super exclusive new tracks from their upcoming record. The band is also playing Mercury Lounge tonight, and Nora said drinks are on her if you come by. Success!

To celebrate this pretty cool show I have coming up on Saturday, Seth Kallen stopped by and played a couple tracks, including an amazing solo version of "Strange Man." It was so good, in fact, that I made it into an mp3 for all you.

  • Seth Kallen - Strange Man (live acoustic)

    SPEAKING OF AMAZING LIVE SONGS. If you haven't listened to Undisputed Heavyweights live session on BreakThru Radio, you must do so immediately. I gushed about the set on Tuesday and now I got my favorite song of the set, "Bitches Be Trippin'" in which Casey was top notch. The best I've ever heard this song.

  • The Undisputed Heavyweights - Bitches Be Trippin' (live on BTR)

    But all in all, you must check out the Blog Show this week. It's a good one. Here's a direct link to listen.


    Sidewalk Chalk - The A-Sides
    Park Avenue - The A-Sides
    Here or There - The A-Sides

    The Fall - Rob Holmes of Morning Theft (live)
    Limb from Limb - Morning Theft
    Every Promise - Morning Theft

    Wicked Ride - Melody Gardot
    Goodnite - Meldoy Gardot
    My Sweet Darling - Seth Kallen (featuring Melody Gardot)

    Shiver - Seth Kallen (live)
    Ryan's Song - Seth Kallen (live)
    Strange Man - Seth Kallen (live)

    The Plot - White Rabbits

    Oh! And come to The Skinny tonight! Nora and I will be there with bells on, perhaps jingle bells if this whole snow rumor is true. We'll keep you warm by dancing up a storm all night, I promise.

    Ok, that's all.

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