Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to Sin-e. It was definitely our biggest turnout to date, with five bands that all had completely packed crowds rocking along. I must give a huge thank you to the bands, which all put on such amazing sets. And to Sin-e. We'll miss you :(

Sadly I couldn't enjoy last night as much as I would like, as I was battling a pretty nasty virus. I decided to stick it out for the whole show, as I couldn't and wouldn't miss any of the bands. So while I sipped on my water and spent most of the night coughing, I still was so impressed at how everything turned out.

However my personal after party was a bit different. I tried to be a rock star and head to 87 but by the time I got there, it wasn't working out so well. So I ended up at the emergency room at St. Vincents at about 4 AM, with a bunch of crazy drunkies, waiting to be treated. A couple hours and some medication later, I said goodbye to my own McDreamy and finally got to bed.

hospital bracelet

All in all, a pretty crazy night. They say it's not a good party unless someone ends up in the ER, so I was willing to step up to the plate. Once I feel a little bit better, I'll get up all the pictures and do a little recap.

Until then, just another huge thanks to everyone. You all rock.

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