Monday, January 1, 2007

The Changes on Daytrotter

Welcome to 2007.

I must say I had one of my better New Years eve celebrations last night. I usually hate the holiday and the planning that goes with it, but last night seemed to be nonstop fun. A nice way to ring in a new beginning, I'd say. Now if only I could remember what my resolutions were...

To aid with your massive hangover (I'm right there with you), you can listen to The Changes' live session on Daytrotter. I've gushed about this website before, so if you haven't had a chance to check it out, you can start here. Every week they bring in a new act for a four song live session, and for some reason they always have a certain special charm in the end.

The Changes are a brilliant live band, and this recording session captured a lot of their special nuances. I'm really digging this version of "When I Wake." It's a great arrangement. Here's what the boys say about it:

I’ve been told that this is our most catchy song. I think we’re all sick of it’s poppy-ness so here we’ve played it in a sexy, lazy Sunday morning way, with acoustic guitars and improvised piano. We didn’t think about this particular arrangement because we tend to over think things and then ruin them. Here we just went for it and the result is pure, unadulterated MAGIC.
  • The Changes - When I Wake (Daytrotter session)

    Check out all the songs here.


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