Thursday, January 4, 2007

Hottie Of The Week: Ilan D Hall, Top Chef

Okay, I know this is not music related, but I can't help myself. I love Top Chef. It's a fantastic show. I just finished watching last night's episode and I literally had my heart beating in fear that my lover dover Ilan might get voted off. That’s when I realized this crush had gotten a little bit out of hand. (I should have realized it when I dragged my friend to the restaurant he works at only to be too nervous to go inside). I won't ruin it for those who haven't had a chance to catch last night's episode yet. But I'm happy to say that my hottie is safe and sound.

Ilan happens to work at one of my favorite restaurants in New York City that I used to frequent on a regular basis. I was in love with him then, but am even more so in love with him now. Even when he makes fun of that little squirmy Marcel. Anyways, here's a toast to Ilan: let's hope he wins. But if he doesn't....let's hope he stays at my restaurant so that I can get up the confidence to go back in there and say hi.

I think it's the glasses.

Name: Ilan D Hall
Age: 24
Hometown: Great Neck, New York; Currently resides in New York City, New York
Profession: Line Cook
Education: Lorenzo de Medici Apicus Program and Culinary Institute of America

We're totally getting married.

  • The Walkmen - All Hands And The Cook

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