Thursday, January 25, 2007

Underrated Presents: The GoStation

The GoStation is no stranger to Underrated shows. In fact they played my 21st birthday celebration, way back when, at the now defunct Tribeca Rock Club. There's been a lot of changes since, and The GoStation has grown into a solid live act that is bound to go beyond a local scene. The band will take the stage fourth on Saturday, at 11 PM.

The GoStation @ Shindig

I've seen this band play so many times, but each time I remember why it was I loved them in the first place. It's a classic sound, harboring on the great Brit Pop of the early 90's combined with New York's garage rock of late. Each time their set is just a notch above the last, which is why I like going to see bands play so many times. If they keep getting better, I'd be silly not to catch them each time.

From donning the cover of Underrated, to landing a record deal, I've seen this band evolve and accomplish everything they've set out to do. With a new album out this year, it's going to be about time that you hear what they've been up to. Or you can come check them out Saturday night. It's sure to be amazing.

  • The GoStation - All Together Now
  • The GoStation - Wandering Away

    While I've got your attention, I'd like to announce there will be free PBR starting at 8 PM. Thanks to our friends, we'll have a couple cases to give out free beer so you can be super hipster and write home to tell about it. Get there early because it's going to go fast!

    Tickets are now available online for our January 27th show at Sin-e. Click here to order.

    This show will change your life.


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