Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Annuals, Voxtrot @ Bowery Ballroom

I needed one more horrah.

As if seeing over twenty bands during five days wasn't enough, I decided it would be stupid to pass up missing Annuals one more time, especially when they are teamed up with those indie pop darlings Voxtrot. After a yummy sushi dinner I found myself back in Bowery Ballroom, back amongst a crowded hipster crowd, and with beer in hand. Oy vey. Old habits die hard.

We got there just in time for Annuals to start, and like you know, I love this band. Their album is most definitely in my top 10 of the year, and seeing them live for the first time at Sin-e ended up being a religious experience. I saw them twice over CMJ, the first at Fader house, which was awful due to the sound, and the second at Bowery, where everything fell together perfectly. But I've come to conclude it's hit or miss with Annuals. And last night, I'm sad to say was a miss.

Now don't get me wrong. It was still a good show. Just not their best. I think the CMJ wear and tear took its toll, especially on Adam's voice. Every screech was far too forced for my liking, and the band as a whole just seemed tired. Can you blame them? I was tired as well. They played through their usual repertoire, and had a couple people in the crowd go bizerks. I'll never get sick of hearing "Complete or Completing" into the honky tonk loving "River Run." It's so good.

And then there was Voxtrot, a band I've seen more times than god, but can't help but feel happy every time I see Ramesh jump around like a little dork on stage. It's endearing. I'd never say that Voxtrot is a live band, by any means, but I have to say last night proved to be their best sounding show yet. Perhaps it was the acoustics of the lovely Bowery, or maybe it was some really spectacular new songs, but the band was in top notch. Then again, maybe it was just the fact that they hadn't spent the last week corrupting their liver. Oh, the possibilities.

Voxtrot is like those cheesy romantic comedies. A lot of people won't admit how good they really are, because they hit all the right spots. There's no real surprise when it comes to this band. It's straight forward and inviting. I became a bobble head for most of the show while singing along to the old favorites. They even did an encore! There was talk about a cover of "Dancing In The Dark" which would have, maybe, made my life. But sadly it didn't happen.

After the show I got drunk. It was like CMJ all over again.

(P.S. I forgot my camera. Sorry to all you Ramesh lovers, but there's no sweaty pics this time around.)


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