Friday, November 17, 2006

Please Visit Your National Parks | Oxford Collapse

Like I said, I'm pretty ecstatic it's Friday. The parental unit is in from the land of London for a couple more days, so I get a nice yummy dinner, all expenses paid, this evening from some guy at the Food Network. I think its Bobbly Flay. I can never keep track of those guys. Then it's time to reorganize my life this weekend, which will include (in no particular order): laundry, cleaning, cd-listening, book shelf organizing, alphabetizing, hair product purchasing, hydrating, and....oh yes, oogling over The French Kicks. That will be recapped for you on Sunday, don't you worry.

I hear "Please Visit Your National Parks" by Oxford Collapse on WOXY at least once daily. Every time, I like it a little bit more. Today, I decided, I am a fan.

Take a listen. Enjoy your weekends. Be nice to each other. And buy me a puppy.

  • Oxford Collapse - Please Visit Your National Parks

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