Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Election Day: Vote For Vanessa!

It's election day. I'm not a US citizen so I don't get to partake in all the fun. But let me tell you what is fun...the fact that my intern is running for State Senate of Connecticut's district 32. Can we all just acknowledge how awesome that is? She was sick and tired of some old dude running unopposed that she decided to do something about it. A real go-getter. She's got blue hair and she likes Ghostface Killah. How can she not win?

I'm afraid Vanessa will win and leave my side, but god help me if I wont help her out. I'd be ecsatic if she wins. Check out this article that ran about the election. They really missed the mark with the real story. Poor journalism, I say. But still cool.

Anyways, here's a message from Vanessa about what she's doing and if you happen to live in those parts of Connecticut, go VOTE FOR VANESSA!

It's official! I'm running for State Senator of Connecticut's district 32. Just in case, that covers the towns of Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Middlebury, Oxford, Roxbury, Seymour, Southbury, Thomaston, Watertown and Woodbury.

Okay, so we can all probably guess that I'm not going to win this election (a single, pitiful tear is running down my face). I'm actually running against the Senate Republican leader, Lou DeLuca. He's been in the seat for 16 years now, but for many of those years he's been running unopposed. This year, I'm the only other person on the ballot. I'm being sponsored by the Working Families Party of Connecticut to basically make a statement that people should be offered a choice on the ballot. Plus, the Working Families Party of Connecticut stands for some really great things, like fair taxes, preventing the outsourcing of jobs and universal health care, which I'm all about.

Even if you're not all about the issues, it freaking rules that a 20 year-old with blue hair who snorts when she laughs made the ballot. Eh? Eh? So vote for me on November 7th! Or get your absentee ballots!

Oh, and...I love you all.

That picture is classic. Go Vanessa!

  • Ghostface Killah - The Champ

    [Update: Vanessa received 11% of the votes as broadcasted through Connecticut news stations, around 3,000 votes! Vanessa also got to endorse the Democratic Congressman for her district, Chris Murphy. He congratulated her on her candidacy and said that being on the ballot was everything that the Working Families stood for. Vanessa would like to add, that because she got over 10% of the votes, the Working Families party of Connecticut is now eligible to get state financing for the position in two years. So great! She thanks you all for your support! Congrats Vanessa, a job well done for sure!!]


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