Friday, November 17, 2006


Ok, one more thing before I head out of here. This has nothing to do with music but my brother's girlfriend just sent me this link, and it's frickin amazing!!

Clocky® (patent pending) is an alarm clock that runs away and hides if you don't get out of bed on time. When the alarm sounds you can snooze one time. If you still don't wake up, Clocky will jump off of the bedside table, and wheel away, mindlessly bumping into objects until he finds a spot to rest. You'll have to get up and out of bed to silence his alarm. Clocky will find new spots everyday, kind of like a hide-and-seek game.

Clocky alarm clocks were designed to reinterpret the common alarm clock into something that is not stressful and obnoxious but amusing and a better fit between humans and technology.

Read more about it here.

Um, genius?!


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