Sunday, November 5, 2006

CMJ: The Recap | Pictures

I am ready to move on past CMJ related posts, but I must say as exhausting as this entire week was, I had a really great time. With the chance to see a lot of my favorite bands all within hours of eachother, catch up with some old friends, and find an excuse to start drinking at 11 AM...for free, I can't really complain about anything.

Except that I know I missed all of the amazing shows that everyone else will repremand me for, but I am only one gal. I am also partial to the bands I hold near and dear to my heart, and will never pass up the opportunity to sing and dance my heart out seeing them live. So no, I didn't go to even half the shows I expected/wanted to, but I did get to see some really incredible ones. I have a bunch of pictures up on flickr, but here are some of my favorites.

Birdmonster @ Pianos
birdmonster @ pianos

Sure Juror @ Pianos
sure juror @ pianos

The Undisputed Heavyweights @ Rockwood
the undisputed heavyweights @ rockwood

The Changes @ Fader Lounge
the changes @ fader

Tall Hands @ White Rabbit
tall hands @ white rabbit

Wrens @ Skirball
the wrens @ skirball

The Walkmen @ Skirball
the walkmen @ skirball

Kevin Devine @ Bowery
kevin devine @ bowery

Annuals @ Bowery
annuals @ bowery

White Rabbits @ Cake Shop
white rabbits @ cake shop

But of course the real highlight of the whole entire week was the Underrated Party at Sin-e. Seriously couldn't have asked for a better bill, and I thank all the bands and everyone that came out. It was so much fun.

The Head Set
the head set @ sin-e

Division Day
division day @ sin-e

Ra Ra Riot
ra ra riot @ sin-e

birdmonster @ sin-e

Find all pictures from CMJ here.


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