Friday, November 3, 2006

CMJ: Day 3 Recap

My head hurts. A lot.

I felt fantastic when I woke up yesterday. I was well rested, hydrated, and ready to take CMJ on. Today I feel exactly the opposite. 11 hours of straight drinking will do that to you.

Woke up early yesterday and got all of my work out of the way before I left my apartment. That was good. Going to head over to White Rabbit for Pela but found myself drawn to the wonder that is The Changes. I can't see that band enough times. The Fader Lounge is a pretty sweet place thanks to the free Red Stripe. The Changes are another band that makes me happy. I should open a musical therapy practice with bands like them. You can't help but smile.

From The Changes we headed over to Pianos on the word that there was free food and alcohol. This is what makes CMJ special. Apparently it was a Stereogum party. Said hey to Amrit, ignited my mouth with buffalo wings, and looked up meaning of words with Matt. This is why I shouldn't drink in the afternoon...I become this coherent idiot. I told Nora it is nice to be intoxicated when its light outside. I can see better.

From Pianos we walked over to White Rabbit where Gothamist is having their daytime shows. Really comfy place with great sound, if only there were free drinks. Oh well, can't please us all. Caught a set by Land of Talk whom I'm still ambivalent to, and caught up with some co-workers. More drinks. Saw Tall Hands who I really like and then sat up front for Bound Stems. I think I'll always be drunk when I see this band, but at least this time I was aware of that fact. Still really like that band. And yes, Nora, I'm still listening to the album. Stop making fun of me.

Snowden took the stage and we caught a couple slowed down acoustic tracks before heading back to Fader Lounge. Is that where I went after? Oh yes. I was rushing everyone because of Annuals. This was at 6 pm and already I was stumbling. My goodness. Back to the land of free Red Stripe. Ran into the Birdmonster boys and began to exclaim my love for Annuals. Too bad the sound in Fader Lounge destroyed their set. Saw Adam outside afterwards and he didn't seem too pleased. I told him not to worry and that I'd burn the album for everyone so they'd know how awesome they are. He said that was ok. He's cool.

Hopped in a cab with my intern and headed west to my alma matter. We picked up some 40's in the deli and snuck them into NYU. I felt like a badass. The venue at NYU made me realize where all my money went to for those four years. It's almost too nice. You can sit in very comfy chairs, which caused Jerry to leave early on. He didn't think people would rock out. Oh, but they did. I remember a bunch of kids up on the stage. One of them took his shirt off. I remember wanting to go up there too.

I heart The Wrens.

Yet another band that makes me happy in a completely different way. Their songs are just so damn good. It sounded amazing in that venue and I was so pleased I made it to see them. Maybe my highlight of the week. Seeing The Wrens is always such an awesome experience.

Up next were The Walkmen who I hadn't seen in quite some time. They started out their set strong and Sean and I finished my 40. My intern drank one on her own. She's awesome. After the band played "The Rat" and I rocked my little socks off, I got really sleepy. The Walkmen didn't do much for me after that and I think I took my CMJ nap for a couple minutes. Felt nice.

Said goodbye to silly NYU and made it back to home turf. Met up with Nora and The Changes at El Sobrero for some margaritas. Yummy. Followed Piper to Annex where there was some horrific band on stage. Popped downstairs for a smoke and then tried to finish my vodka tonic. At that point I was happy to still be standing. It was time to go to sleep.

CMJ is kicking my ass.


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