Sunday, November 5, 2006

CMJ: Day Five Recap

Oh boy. It's over. I survived.

Just barely.

Let's recall how I spent my last day. I know it began with making cookies, and ended with an almost fight outside some bar. Somewhere in the middle I saw some bands. I talked to a statue. No better way to end this five-day ridiculous festival.

I woke up at the ass crack of dawn, ran to the super market and bought enough cookie dough to feed a small army. I got the oven going, which was a pleasant surprise for my -3028209 degree apartment. There were lots of cookies. I checked out on my fire escape to see when the bands arrived and checked in with the folks across the street before heading to Dunkin Donuts and buying three boxes of coffee. Best idea ever. Not only were the bands so appreciative, but man...I needed that coffee too.

We hit off the party with local favorites The Head Set, whose new songs sound so so good live. I love their album, but they are totally a band I enjoy seeing live. Jordan's vocals are so incredible. I was so happy to have a NY band amidst the out of town lineup. It's nice to have some familiar sounds once in a while.

I managed to dj without headphones, as I forgot that mine were broken. I think I did okay. I couldn't really hear much of it anyways, but there's never any problem when you put on The Rapture. The place began to fill up, the cookies were being eaten and I was feeling like a million dollars. No alcohol yet.

Division Day, who I had been dying to see for months now played an awesome set regardless of how tired I'm sure they, and all the bands were. They kicked it off with "Lights Out" and ended with "Tap, Tap Click Click" and Peter from Birdmonster got up on stage and helped out with some beats. It was so great to see a band that you've listened to endlessly for the very first time. No one can take that back. Nope. Don't even try.

And then all of a sudden Sin-e was packed. It's no surprise. Ra Ra Riot is easily the buzz band du jour and had played so many CMJ shows this week, everyone is talking about them. Delightful people both on and off the stage. They need to put out an album asap, but it's funny that I know all of their songs already. Watch out for this band. They'll take over the world in a very short time.

Time for a beer.

I've yet to be completely sober for Birdmonster, so I figured if I had a beer, I wouldn't look completely crazy when I rocked out. I made my way front and center, because god dammit I love this band too much. They put on an even more rowdy show than Tuesday at Pianos and even played "Resurrection Song." Amazing. They ended the set with an encore, my favorite, "Janine". The boys let it all out. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

I was on a complete high after the show, so pleased how everything turned out and so appreciative of all the bands that came out and played. It was definitely one of my favorite lineups and I can only hope everyone else there had as much fun as I did. I said my goodbyes, cleaned up the cookies, and grabbed my coat. It was still so early.

Grabbed a drink with Katie who was in town from DC before heading to some Blogging for Beers party up at Hi-Fi. I don't know what exactly that entailed, but I did get free pints of Brooklyn Lager. Genius idea, if you ask me.

From there we went down to Gothamist House for the Charles Bissell from The Wrens. I must admit I was a bit intoxicated at this point, but the set was entirely enjoyable from what I remember. Then I ran over to Cake Shop and realized we were a bit earlier than anticipated. Probably should have gotten something to eat, but instead the $1 PBRs were calling my name. We caught the end of Maison Blanche who I think I liked. Then I pushed my way to the very front because White Rabbits were on stage. Let the record reflect that this band is one of my new favorites, so there's a good chance you'll hear a lot about them. While the sound was iffy in that venue, they put on an amazing show. Drumbeats were everywhere. Lots of people. Couldn't contain my excitement. Get your cd done already!

Thank god for Zozos. Grabbed a burger and then stumbled our way to Annex. Couldn't get in, of course. This was either before or after I started talking to the statue outside Zozos, convinced it was going to come alive. This is where I realized my exhaustion and alcohol level was at an all time high. Met up with Chris and Pat who I'm sure I insulted. On to Arlene's where of course I didn't see any bands, but did drink some more. Then another bar. Then there was some kid who I didn't like and I decided I wanted to fight him. He called me whitey. I knew it was time to go home.

Bye CMJ. I had fun. But please don't call me for at least a year.


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