Friday, November 17, 2006

A-Sides, Annuals @ Mercury Lounge

I've never been more happy to see a Friday before. Is it just me, or has this week felt like a lifetime? Maybe just me. I'm taking serious action to reevaluate my lifestyle, which means that I plan to stay in more and get to sleep at a normal hour. Every week there's more bands and more shows to go to, and more dj opportunities, but sometimes, somehow, I will find a way to say no. I swear. Just not next week. Or the week after. Maybe this will be my new year's resolution. That will give me at least a month to kill my liver a little bit more.

This was my thought going out last night. I initially told Nora I didn't have to see Annuals again, to which she gave me the most puzzled look and asked if I was serious. Okay, I wasn't. I wanted to see them again. Secretly, I'm going for a world record to how many times I can see this band in the shortest amount of time. Last night marked 5 in one month. Beat that.

The plan was to go early to Mercury Lounge, catch A-Sides, grab dinner, back for Annuals and then bed. Surprisingly that's exactly what I did. Somehow in the midst of that, a lot of alcohol was ingested and Nora and I decided that we would become rappers. We would cover only Lilith Fair singers, and make those songs cool again. We practiced in the restaurant while eating delicious homemade pasta. There were looks. And stares. But man, were we convinced that we would be the next big thing. It could still happen.

Back to the music.

The A-Sides @ Mercury Lounge

A-Sides is another one of those bands that I have been meaning to check out for far too long. They were, in short, awesome. I really dug their Walkmen-esque vibe, their unapologetic jam sessions, and the equally impressive craftsmanship of each of their songs. I found myself really paying attention to every part of each song (something that my musical naivety rarely does). I was sitting right at the front of the stage and I sought out the origin of every noise. You could easily break the song up in parts, but together it created a wall of sound that blasted through Mercury Lounge in the early evening. I must say, I was really into it.

Annuals @ Mercury Lounge

Have you heard about this band named Annuals (no the) from North Carolina? There are six of them. They are young. I have been known to have religious experiences while watching them. You think I exaggerate when I say how much I love this band, but I'm not. If you saw me last night, you'd know. My only addition to every other review I've written about this band is this: Mercury Lounge crowd last night.... you stink. You really should have been into it a little bit more. Don't make me look like the only one there, making a fool out of myself by dancing around like an idiot. You know you wanted to as well.

That is all.


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