Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Blog Show: Best Of

Well it's been seven weeks and we thought it was time for a recap. Plus, it's Thanksgiving so Nora and I thought it best to give thanks to all our favorite bands. Tune in today and all week to "The Blog Show" as we go back and pay respect where respect is due. And sorry if I sound a bit cracked out on this week's episode. I was on a lot of cold medicine.

Head on over to and click on "The Blog Show."

Here's the playlist:

Brother - Annuals
Modern Class - The Head Set
Tigers - Division Day

Modern Love - The Changes
Someday - The Silent Years
Saved Your Life - Army Of Me

Rented A Tent - A Tent, A Tent - Bound Stems
Lost (On An Island) - The Undisputed Heavyweights
Pretty Mess - A Brief Smile

Wound Up - Office
The Blue Around You - The Benzos
Fast As You Can - Liam & Me

The Once-Great Gender Debate - Sure Juror
Tokyo, Japan - Princeton
Tonight - Ennui

Welcome To Tally Hall - Tally Hall
Be Born - Tally Hall
Ruler Of Everything - Tally Hall

Feel free to gather round the whole fam for a listen. Or maybe not. But either way it'll be up all week for you to enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving :)


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