Monday, November 13, 2006

Band Of The Week: The Blow

Goshdarnit. I look like a total follower, right? Right. Everyone and their mother is talking about The Blow, with good reason. Their debut album Paper Television is some of the greatest indie pop I've heard in quite some time. During CMJ, I ran into an old friend, and former writer of the magazine whose taste I always admired and she couldn't stop chatting about The Blow. She had seen their show and thought it to be quite fantastic. Then I see all the posts. And then I find out that the album has been sitting in our offices for quite some time now and my co-worker is obsessed. Somehow I was the last to finally listen to it. But I did. And holy crap.

I've been listening to Paper Television on repeat and I can't help bouncing in my chair. Seriously. It's getting to be a bit harmful. For anyone who wants to listen to some pure cheese, while still being considered cool this is totally up your alley. The Portland (really?) duo combine electronic beats with simple melodies that should be straight out of the UK, but somehow these kids are from Oregon. Perhaps all that makeup got to their heads and they went a little bit crazy. Either way, I'm thankful for whatever caused this album.

It's without pretension and without the annoying repetition of most dance music. It's simple and catchy and incredibly addicting. Expect a lot of remixes to move around the blogosphere with these songs [Yeti's got some here]. Lord knows I'm ready to whip them out while DJing.

  • Blow - Eat Your Heart Up
  • Blow - Parentheses

    Listen to more songs on myspace. Buy Paper Television here.


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