Saturday, November 4, 2006

CMJ: Day Four Recap

I reached a new stage of delirium yesterday. I was up at 7 to finish work, and found myself back at Pianos by 11:30. It's official. I'm moving in.

We got there and stood on line for the Colin Meloy acoustic show. Honestly, I was in it for the free drinks and brunch, but Colin was a nice added bonus. Once we got in, it was a mad rush to the food so instead we made a mad rush to the bar upstairs. Colin was performing already. It sounded nice. I couldn't see. Mimosas are yummy.

There was no food once we went back downstairs. Go figure.

Hung out for a bit at Pianos thanks to our drink tickets, and then we made our way over to Fontanas for the BV showcase of the day. Got there just in time to see iForward, Russia! who I hated at SXSW, but really quite liked yesterday. Maybe it was just the mood I was in. Anyways, they rocked the house.

Ran into some more familiar faces and then caught up with the Changes boys. They are so nice. I love seeing this band and I thanked CMJ for chances to see them twice in two days. The Changes put on a super set, albeit short. Ended again with "Her You And I" and I did my little headshake dance. Awesome.

From Fontanas we were delayed by Sean's little 15 minutes of fame with the MTV crew, but headed over to Fader Lounge for Oh No! Oh My!. My poor little intern and Matt Picasso couldn't get in, so instead we decided to get some nutrition in the shape of a Tiny's sandwich. Mmmm, so delicious. And so needed. All this CMJ running around you sometimes forget to eat. Oh and PS. Matt Picasso, nicest blogger ever!!

Ok so then we headed over to White Rabbit where my two youngins passed out on the couch. Seriously. I sipped my beer and listened to the dude from Diamond Nights play acoustic, then Vietnam, and then Office. I seriously love Office and it sounded like an amazing acoustic set. Unfortunately I only got to hear two songs before I had to head out for work related things.

A couple hours later I made my way to Bowery where I thought I had missed my lovely Kevin Devine, but ended up getting there just in time for him to begin. I would see Kevin every day of my life if I could. I just really frickin adore him. And he ended the set with the amazing "You'll Only End Of Joining Them" which never ceases to give me chills.

Nora called me after Kevin Devine and I told her I was about to see Annuals. "Oh my god," she said. "Are you geeking out?" I thought to myself, no I actually was not. I was so utterly exhausted by that point I was literally hanging onto the stage to not fall asleep. I ran into Kathryn who asked me if I was okay. I figured that was a sign that I didn't look so together. But I blamed it on CMJ and once Annuals got started, I did, in fact, geek out.

Annuals set was night and day from the Fader Lounge before and I remembered why I'm so obsessed with this band. They are so good. But the thing I don't like about CMJ is that you'll have a pretty crowded show, but its full of people who have no idea who you are. There was no crowd singalong, no one else rocking out, so I felt a bit out of place. But only for a second. Annuals totally rocked it and probably provided my favorite show of the week.

I tried to go to Mercury afterwards for Cloud Cult but was sidetracked by my roommate who wanted a drink. Then I tried to get into Sin-e for Pela but they weren't letting in any more badges. I was right across the street from my apartment. It was time to go to sleep.

Still standing. Just barely.


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