Thursday, November 16, 2006


Everyone having as much fun as we are listening to The Blog Show?

Hello….is this thing on?


Well good news: my voice is back and we're got four more awesome bands for you to listen to. Plus I fumble over all my words and Nora and I get down and dirty (listen to find out exactly what that means). Plus, blogger of the week goes out to the one and only Jerry Yeti. We have much to say about this one.

Head on over to and click on "The Blog Show".....if you dare.


We Could Be Good – Via Audio
Modern Day Saints - Via Audio [MP3]
Developing Active People - Via Audio

Hollywood – The Head Set [MP3]
Late For The Show – The Head Set
Enemies – The Head Set

Various Kitchen Utensils - Skybox [MP3]
Infinity and Blue Skies - Skybox
It's A Bumpy Ride On The Back of A Camel - Skybox

Time and Place - Ennui
One Thing - Ennui
Ruckus - Ennui [MP3]

Hold Steady Hot Weather – The Gaskets


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