Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Where Is My Christmas Morning? | Princeton

On Sunday the roomie and I decorated our apartment for the holiday season. It helped the absence of a puppy and couch. We thought it was appropriate to play some Christmas music, so I made a mix. Too early? I don't think so.

Yesterday I arrived to work to find my first holiday card from the boys of Princeton. I have already stated how much I love this band, but now the love has reached that funny stage of adoration. They may just be my favorite band discovery of the year. The boys were sweet enough to send me an exclusive CD (I had #14 of 20), complete with a fantastically hysterical holiday song "Where Is My Christmas Morning?" They told me I was okay to post it for all of you to enjoy, because...well, this is the season to be merry.

  • Princeton - Where's My Christmas Morning?

    I also had the honor to interview the boys a few weeks ago and the article is up on BreakThru Radio. Here's an excerpt of the interview:

    Will you stick with keeping future recordings to a lo-fi, raw sound, or opt for something different?
    Jesse: Lo-fi is something that we were forced into because of circumstance. If we could do it over we would have wanted to do more to the recording. But we also enjoy making our own records and using our own equipment, which means no studio and therefore sound quality is sometimes compromised. The goal for the next record is to take a long time and try every idea we have for every song. We want to use string and horn arrangements as well as electronic elements so it is going to be quite different.
    Matt: We want to continue honing our own recording space and do the future records on our own. The idea of a large studio is pretty intimidating and I like the idea of living in the same place as I record. We can work at any hour with no restrictions, and hone the sound slowly.
    Ben: Future recordings will offer a large variety of instrumentation, experimentation and spankin’ new harmonies, all with a home-recording feel. What I really like about A Case of the Emperor’s Clothes is that it sounds like we are playing right there in the room.

    Read the whole thing here.

    P.S. - My new years resolution? Get Princeton to NYC!


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