Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Battle of The Bands @ Avalon

Hi. I'm a bit busy, but I can't forget to mention that last night's battle of the bands was the most strange show I have ever been to. First of all, it was at Avalon, which I've never been to before and probably wont again. I felt strange drinking beer in a church, although I'm sure much worse has gone down there since. The open bar ended up closed by the time we got there, but Nora, god love her, managed to get us a bucket of beer when she pretended to be The Go Station's manager.

Speaking of The GoStation, they played their best show to date last night, and if I say so myself...definitely should have won. I have seen this band countless times, but last night all the right stars were aligned for them. A big stage, big smiles, and a big crowd that was eating up every minute of every song. PLUS, they even had a string player. My goodness! Bring these boys to a stadium, ASAP.

After The GoStation was Locksley, whose CD I have been sitting on for weeks (ok months) now and I sincerely apologize for. I heart this band like whoa. Not only are they cutie cuties, but they were so much fun. Seriously, I don't know what came over me, but all of a sudden I was a giddy 13 year old screaming my heart out and...dancing. I know. It shouldn't happen, but when it does, there's always a good reason for it. The band ended up winning, and if it had to be someone else other than The GoStation, I'm glad it was them. Definitely not the emo band that followed. They hurt my ears.

Head on over to Nora's blog for more Locksley love, including mp3s, and then her babbling about the Chipotle woman. My vote is for Brendan from Olive Garden, ps. He makes my heart skip a beat almost as much as the free breadsticks and salad.

Oh boy, now I'm babbling. I really should remember my camera when I go to these shows. Sorry.


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