Monday, November 20, 2006

Your Sickness | Pinback

This weekend was a total bust. I was completely ready to have a fun weekend without worrying about anything else, when I woke up Saturday morning and felt like my head was going to explode. Now, granted I did have a good amount of wine the night before at the annual parental visit, but this was a different kind of explode. Then the sniffling set in. And the congestion. Then I went straight back to bed.

I had to leave Nora that night to fend for The French Kicks without me. I also gave up my ticket to see Modest Mouse at Bowery. I'm pretty much kicking myself after seeing this. You stay in for one night and look what happens.

I did catch up on all the TV I had missed for the past week, and now have successfully added Heroes into my viewing schedule. It fills my Lost void quite well, and dare I say..I think its better that Lost is this season. Don't hit me. I watched Thank You For Smoking which was quite hilarious, cleaned my apt, and went through two boxes of kleenex. Now that's what I call a fun filled weekend.

Still sniffly. It's Monday again. But it's Turkey week. And today, I get a new friend. Details soon.

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