Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Annie On The Rooftop | The Upwelling

Let the races begin. (We think)

Today starts the big battle in who can out-do who, when Spin commences its Band of The Year competition. Despite my previous skepticism and ill feelings towards the magazine, there's no reason we should let this slip through our fingers.

View full bracket here

My picks Round 1:
Bloc Party vs. Nine Black Alps
-Bloc Party

Tom Vek vs. The Magic Numbers
-Tom Vek

Art Brut vs. The Go! team
-Art Brut

Hard-Fi vs. The Cribs
-The Cribs

The Oranges Band vs. The Upwelling
-The Upwelling

Matson Jones vs. Smoosh

Mobius Band vs. Goblin Cock
-Goblin Cock (merely for the name)

Clap Your Hands vs. The Greenhornes
-Clap Your Hands

Blood on the Wall vs. Imogen Heap
-Imogen Heap

Be Your Own Pet vs. Shout Out Louds
-Shout Out Louds

Wolf Parade vs. Feist
-Feist (probably the toughest call on here)

Panic! At The Disco vs. The Fall Of Troy
-Panic! At The Disco

Alexisonfire vs. Nightmare of You
-Nightmare of You

Motion City Soundtrack vs. Boys Night Out
-Motion City Soundtrack

The Academy Is vs. Valencia

But only one can be band of the year, and let's give one of our local boys the honor. So vote vote vote for The Upwelling and then we'll see if it's all rigged.


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