Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Michigan | El Jezel

Call me a really big dork, but I have a certain few things I want to accomplish before I die. Yes, I even have a list, but you won't get to see all of them, unless you bribe me (I take checks, pints, and cigs, thanks). One of the things on there, however, is to be thanked in the liner notes of an album. Ever since I was a kid, the minute I by a new CD, I read the "thank you's". I find it the most interesting part of the album. I don't know why.

So you can imagine my elation when I received El Jezel's new album in the mail and there was a thank you for little ol' me. Aw, shucks. I felt so special.

El Jezel released their debut album, Elements of Being Put Together and I couldn't be happier for them. The trio that rocked my socks as a last minute substitution for Underrated one-year anniversary show.
I can't believe a year has passed, and yet this album was definitely worth the wait. It's a joy to hear the songs that I have seen live on record. "Oleta" was always my favorite, with Jess's sweet vocals mixing with the boy's always-impressive instrumentation. Now I get to listen to it over and over again (the pickup translates almost as good as it does live) plus new favorites "Michigan" and "Sleep."

And yet the goodness didn't stop there. El Jezel was also nice enough to send me their top picks of 2005, including my little lover Tom Vek. I guess the cats out of the bag on my infatuation. But besides Mr. Vek, they included Spinto Band, Calla, Doves, among others. Sweet stuff.

You can catch the band this Wednesday at The Delancey for Death Disco. They go on at 10 PM and it's free! Go to the show and buy yourself a record. And you can listen to some old and new tracks, plus be their friend on my space.

  • El Jezel - Michigan
  • El Jezel - Oleta


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