Wednesday, January 4, 2006

I Smell Something Fishy

Today's Band of The Year is supposed to start, however I can't find anywhere where you are supposed to vote. It is January 4th, correct? Well when it does start up, be sure to vote for The Upwelling. They are my pick.

But that's not all.

I've been enjoying the Band of the Day posts recently, with favorites like The Upwelling, Five O'Clock Heroes, Nightmare of You, Nellie McKay, and Voxtrot all getting nods. But this morning, after not finding the link to vote, I took a look at their top 5. I was a bit surprised to see what bands were given that honor. And then I put my little investigative journalism hat on.

According to these are the rankings of their "All-Time Top 5":
1. Bleeding Through
2. The Morning After Girls
3. The Five O'Clock Heroes
4. Paulson
5. Goblin Cock

Bleeding Through is currently #1 after the band was featured on December 19, a matter of weeks ago. They currently have no comments, and when you give the band a rating the average grade they have received is a D+. Their #2 band, The Morning After Girls was featured late November, has 1 comment and also has a D+ rating. Five O'Clock Heroes also was posted about in December, has a decent amount of comments (mostly about lead singer Antony Ellis or random questions about The Strokes) and has an average rating of a C-. #4 and #5, Paulson and Goblin Cock (possibly the worst band name ever) also follow suit with C ratings.

I know C is average, but my parents were never happy with me getting C's. And for an "All-Time Top 5" to have an average grade of a C-? Hmmm.

A band like The Upwelling (not to play favorites here), has 20 comments, and an A+ rating. And yet, not in the top 5.

So someone please explain to me how this is plausible? Let's hope when the Band of The Year finally starts up, it is fair and square. Don't even get me started on their "Year in Music" show at Rothko a couple weeks ago that featured three fabulous bands, but ones that have never been featured in the magazine.

Something's fishy, that's all I'm saying.

[Update - I just got word that voting for "Band of the Year" has been delayed until 1.25.05. I'm still curious why.]

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