Monday, January 16, 2006

Hopeless | The Wrens

The Wrens @ Knitting Factory

I wasn't going to go, and then I wasn't going to stay. It seems like the world is out to get me these days, and nothing can go right. So even after everyone bailed on me and I managed to trip up the stairs at Knitting Factory and busted my knee, I decided I'd be more upset if I left early and missed The Wrens. And boy, was I right.

It was 1 AM when they took the stage, closing out an interesting all-day benefit put together by Act Local. The main stage was crowded, but by no means packed. I found the boys of A Brief Smile in the audience and we waited through the never-ending raffle, anticipating the band's set.

We all knew they'd be without their drummer, and if there was any who left disappointed at the end of the set, I'd like to know. I thought it was fantastic. At times, it felt like the band had been invited into my living room and we were all just hanging about, listening to them play. They chose songs on the spot, joked with the audience, and sounded better than ever. The crowd was surprisingly polite for the wee hours of the morning, with hardly any cohering of the band, until the end when song requests were shouted out.

The last time I saw the band was at Bowery Ballroom. It was my first Wrens experience and I was left in awe. But this felt like such a special experience, and I was so thrilled I decided to stay. This intimate set by one of the most underrated bands out there today is surely one I'll never forget.

There's a fabulous documentary about the band that is in the works. We featured the project in issue seven of Underrated Magazine. You can help out the project and find more information (including a trailer) here.

  • The Wrens - Hopeless (Live From Maxwells 1.24.05)
  • The Wrens - Pretty OK
  • The Wrens - She Sends Kisses


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