Thursday, January 5, 2006

Run And Hide

I've been a little homebody since I've come back to the city -- a lot of cleaning the apartment, talking long walks, and seeing movies. It's been nice. Some people claim that New York can be the loneliest city, but I love my time alone. It's necessary sometimes. Liz was feeling lonely last night so she made the schlep out to Brooklyn to play catch up. That turned into me drinking far too many gin & tonics, Liz polishing off a bottle of red wine, and us playing "name that tune." Hours of old-fashioned fun. This morning I woke up late for work and the proceeded to slice my finger open while cutting an english muffin. Some homebody I am.

But for no longer, tonight I finally come out of my shell (er apartment) and head to Fat Baby to check out Teenage Prayers. Hometown favorites The Undisputed Heavyweights were originally scheduled to play afterwards, but had to cancel last minute due to personal conflicts. Make sure to catch them next time. But the Teenage Prayers played our show at Pianos last month, and I'm still impressed with them. They go on at 8, and I'll let you buy me a drink afterwards to thank me.

  • Teenage Prayers - Center of the World

    Speaking of Fat Baby, The Walkup posted a new video for their song "Run and Hide" and if I'm not mistaken, it takes place at there. Very cool video, very cool song. If you haven't heard of the band, you will soon enough. I caught them a while back and liked them, but their debut EP is far better than I ever remembered. I dig their videos too. I think these guys are going places.

  • The Walkup - Run And Hide
  • The Walkup - Apathy

    Watch their vides here. They play Fat Baby January 26. Buy their EP here.


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