Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Corazon | Bishop Allen

I got an email from Bishop Allen lead singer Justin Rice giving me the heads up about what his band has in store for 2006. We featured the band way back when in one of the first issues of Underrated and then nothing. No updates, no website clues, just randomly placed shows here and there. It's been about three years since Bishop Allen have released anything.

But no longer.

Bishop Allen will release an EP on the last day of each month, leading up to their much anticipated follow-up Clementines. "January" is it's first (appropriately titled) EP that can be purchased here.

"Corazon" is just one of the fabulous tracks on the first EP. Matt of You Aint No Picasso said: "Sometimes songs are a collection of notes, strung together to form a nice melody. Unfortunately for us, many songwriters are content to stop there. But with 'Corazon,' Bishop Allen not only form a musically interesting song, but use it as a launching point to tell a beautiful story."

I gotta say, I fell for this song. I'm a hopeless romantic deep at heart.

Bishop Allen will play Pianos February 10. Be their friend on my space.

  • Bishop Allen - Corazon


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