Friday, January 13, 2006

This Scene Is Dead | We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists @ Bowery

After Tapes 'n Tapes at Rothko, we jetsetted (no pun intended) to Bowery with just enough time before We Are Scientists took the stage to grab a drink and make our way into the eye of the crowd. Enthusiasm was at an all-time high, and as soon as the band opened with "This Scene Is Dead," the guy behind us yelled "I LOVE THIS SONG." (He then continued to sing awfully loud).

It was a strange crowd at the sold-out show. I had some sort of break dancer next to me, there was singing guy behind us, and a guy in front of Nora who got pissed when she started dancing. Then, of course, you had the typical New Yorkers who stood still. I still don't know how they do it, especially at a show like last nights. It's impossible not to at least bob your head. Luckily there were small packs of people spread throughout that jumped around enough to make up for it.

I must admit that I enjoyed their last show at Bowery a bit more. While the band was equally as enjoyable, there wasn't that added oomph that I expected them to provide from the kick-off of the tour supporting the US album release. Last time, the too-good-looking-for-his-own-good Keith Murray was all over the stage, jumping up on the drum set and running into Mr. Moustache himself Chris Cain. There was less of their hysterical banter in between sets, which I missed. But you could tell it was an exciting moment for them. They were all smiles.

The swoon-worthy moment of the night was when the band covered "Be My Baby." I think every girl in the audience fell a little bit more in love at that moment. It's a great cover for the band, and it sounded better than ever.

In the end, it's a blast to see this band no matter who you are surrounded by. They don't give you a chance to catch your breath, seemlessly integrating one catchy hit song into the next. So please feel free to jump around like an idiot if you catch them at a show, or if you are just listening to their album in your living room. It's okay by me.

  • We Are Scientists - Be My Baby (live in Amsterdam thanks to YANP)
  • We Are Scientists - This Scene Is Dead.


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