Monday, January 23, 2006

Camera | Editors

[picture via modernage. I forgot my camera, grr]

The wonderful staff of Underrated met on Saturday afternoon to have a semi-productive meeting about the next issue. However topic turned to why I play favorites with some bands. I didn't really have a defense. I like to play favorites, whether it be shoes, bands, or songs. So when Editors played "Your Are Fading" at the show at Rothko on Saturday night, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

Let's back track a bit to before the show. I brought along my ace reporter Seth Kallen for the interview. I like to share my wealth, once in a while. We got to the far too fancy hotel on Rivington where we were to meet the band, but were informed that they were still doing sound check over to Rothko. Would we mind going over there? Absolutely not.

It was quite a treat to watch the sound check. They played "Camera" and "Lights" in full and the sound filled up the vastly empty room. I felt like I had my own preview and since there was no opening band for the night, this got me pumped up. I tried to contain my excitement around the professionals. We watched them for about 10 minutes before heading back to the hotel for the interview. They were super sweet guys (I know, I say that almost every time). Seth sat down with Tom for the interview, but I had to run. The interview seemed to have went well, as reported in his blog:

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. Brits wearing all black who play dark, melodic, pounding music, and me...a Jewish kid from suburban Pennsylvania with a tape recorder and a shitty one room. How was I not going to lose my cool seeing as I am a bit of a dork? Well, Tom Smith made it easy in his interview as he was one of the friendliest guys I have ever interviewed. As we talked, Tom told me his thoughts on the position they are in as a bit of a "hyped" band. He told me all about how the band was more concerned with having longevity and true timelessness in their music then simply being a passing fad and the "next big thing" (as NME occasionally has hinted at) Tom Smith's head is level. He doesn't fall for the hype. (He even seemed to be a bit confused, wondering who put the children of Sir Mick Jagger on the guest list for the night's show at Rothko...) As I closed the interview, the band members looked excited to play yet another sold out show in NYC...and as I left, in came Spin magazine...

You can judge for yourself when you read the article in the next issue.

I met up with Joe and we stopped by Arlene's Grocery to catch a set by The Undisputed Heavyweights. There's something about this band that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They are such a uniquely intriguing band to watch play. Just go see them already.

At precisely 9 PM we met Seth outside and walked over to Rothko. Already a line was forming. I anticipated chaos. We met up with Nora (and backcut her, sorry everyone) and excitement was in the air. We got through the doors to find a pretty empty Rothko (and a Yeti). That didn't last for long.

It took about two hours and a lot of drinks for the band to finally take the stage. You could feel the surge of pure thrill the moment they played the first note. I scoff at anyone who compares this band to Interpol after seeing their live show. Interpol is great, but they never execute their songs they way they should. Editors pull that off.

Unfortunately I was too drunk and the set felt so short that the entire time feels like a blur. But I do know that I was just floored when they played "You Are Fading." They didn't play it in Dublin when I saw them this summer, and I think that 3 minutes just made my life.

And then all of a sudden the show was over.

I wish it could have gone on all night. They set a scene and dare I say painted a picture in Rothko that night with their sweet sweet sounds. Why can't these bands stay in New York forever? As I said earlier, I play favorites and these guys are on my list.

At the after-party, I ran into Keith again (I swear I'm not stalking him). I drank some more, danced some more, and then decided in my drunken stupor to go uptown to meet up with some highschool friends. Then I felt it appropriate to hop on the subway home to save some money. Then I fell asleep. On the subway. I don't know where I ended up except that it was a $15 cab ride to my apartment in Brooklyn.

What a night. Let's do it again.

  • Editors - Camera [via Tonight Let's Dance]
  • Editors - Fingers In The Factories [via stereogum]


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