Saturday, January 14, 2006

Everyone's Starting Over | The Diggs

The greatest part about seeing an opening band is that no one knows what to expect. It's a hit or miss. Most of the time venues don't book correctly and will totally miss the fanbase and it can get ugly. But not last night.

It's obvious I love The Diggs and have yet to be disappointed by their live show. But last night, I stood in the back by the bleachers and watched the faces on the increasing crowd at Northsix. The band started off a bit slow, but by mid set, no one was talking, no one was running to the bathroom or the bar -- everyone was watching. I heard one person in front of me turn to his friend and say that these guys are good. Yes, they are good.

I found myself with the urge to keep turning to Amanda to tell her this is my favorite song. I did it about three times, and then I had to stop myself. They are all my favorite songs, for different reasons. If I sound a bit enthusiastic it's just that I can't help myself.

The Diggs @ Northsix

Read an interview with Tim at Villains Always Blink. I also interviewed the band and the story was in Issue Seven of Underrated Magazine.

  • The Diggs - Everyone's Starting Over


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