Friday, January 20, 2006

Someone Says | Editors

My goodness. Yesterday was quite the ridiculous day. I woke up nice and early, got into Union Square and went to grab my coffee and muffin before French class. I realized I left my wallet and my apartment keys back inside my apartment in Brooklyn. So no coffee for me. That's never a good start to the day.

I schlepped back to Brooklyn and then back to class, all the while keeping myself updated with the rumors of where Saturday's Editors show was going to be. It was originally scheduled for The Annex, a new venue that is bound to shut down in a matter of months. Then it was moved to Hiro and more tickets went on sale. Some were happy, others were not. And then it was back to Annex. I was curious before how this small venue was going to fit all of us in there. Now I can't imagine how it's possible with the extra tickets that were sold yesterday. I wish people could just make up their minds.

Either way, Editors will be in New York City tonight at Mercury and tomorrow at The Annex (we think). I couldn't be more excited. I caught their set at the Oxegen Music Festival in Dublin this summer, and I was pretty much left speechless. Get ready for some crowded rooms, lots of bloggers, lines outside the venues, and a damn good show.

I will be interviewing the band on Saturday before their Annex show so we'll do the same thing as yesterday and leave your questions in the comments and I will get them answered for you.

We Are Scinetists today, Editors tomorrow. How can people trust me in a room alone with these bands?

Buy their superb debut The Back Room here.

  • Editors - Someone Says
  • Editors - You Are Fading
  • Editors - Camera


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