Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Coastlines Are Landmines | The Light Footwork

There's nothing I like better than new music and a free beer. So the geniuses at The Light Footwork have combined the two for all of us New Yorkers. Tonight at Scenic there will be a listening party for their fabulous self-released debut, One State, Two State. You buy the CD, they buy you a beer. I love it.

And let me tell you, the album is worth your purchase. It's one of the few albums that I can put on from start to finish without hesitation. However, it doesn't immediately demand your attention, which I appreciate. Each time you realize that each song is a gem, but when you put it all together...delicious indie pop.

A two member band that mixes male and female vocals, The Light Footwork may just break out in the year 2006. I have every hope that they do. Already praised by the blogs, and named Stereogum's Band To Watch, this Cali band is spreading like wildfire. Watch out, they are a'coming.

I will be interviewing the band tonight before their listening party, so leave me any questions you want answered in the comments. And if you can't make it out tonight, or don't live in New York, buy One State Two State here. You won't be disappointed.

Need some more persuading? Jeez. Ok. Listen.

  • The Light Footwork - Coastlines Are Landmines
  • The Light Footwork - The Art Of Everyday Communication Part 1
  • The Light Footwork - Rapture Good Rapture Bad


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