Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Her Own Conversation

I'm back at work today, which means my productivity is at an all time low. I have spent most of the day scouring the internet, reading the blogs and listening to new music. That's productive in my book, but I hear it's not according to others. Whatever.

There are a lot of better music blogs out there that actually know how to write about music and don't post about the same bands 100091284 times. All these songs I got from somewhere else, so do you and me a favor and check out the links I have on the right side of this page, ok? But do come back. I'd miss you forever.

Random songs I've found on the 'net and am digging on this rainy and cold day in NYC:

  • Beck - Pink Moon
    One of my favorite Nick Drake songs, I was quite nervous at the fact that Beck had chosen to cover it. I thought he'd try and make it into a dance song, or at the least put some sort of electronic beat. But no, he just sings along with an acoustic guitar, the way the song was meant to be played. Hardly an innovative cover, but still lovely to hear a new (and more melancholy) interpretation. This song is perfect for today's weather.

  • Jenny Lewis - Rise Up With Fists
    I keep hearing that the solo Jenny Lewis album is not good, and yet every song I hear off of it I love. What's wrong with everyone? It's impossible not to love Miss Lewis. Her voice is refreshingly sweet and it seems as though she's throwing in a little twang with these solo efforts. Hardly comparable to her work with Rilo Kiley, but I'd never pass up a chance to hear her sing any song.

  • Ryan Adams - Strawberry Wine
    Ryan Adams needs to chill, and stop releasing so many records so quickly because songs like this will be forgotten. Off his first (and probably not last) album in 2006, "Strawberry Wine" is the Ryan that I fell in love with. There's talent, and then there's raw talent, and if Ryan didn't have the raw talent, I don't know if we'd really know of him today. Songs like this, without any effort or production at all is where we get an insight of just how genius this prolific singer/songwriter is.

  • Morningwood - Nth Degree
    The first time I saw Morningwood, over a year ago now, they ended with this song. It was stuck in my head for weeks and I found myself never forgetting this band's name or how to spell it. Genius. Now that it's all over MTV2 with a super dooper video, I bet no one will be able to forget this band. And for good reason. They are going to take over this year, I feel it.

  • Lolita Brass - Her Own Conversation
    A New York band that I've never seen play live? Uh oh. I'm on it. Especially after hearing this song. "Her Own Conversation" may not be anything completely unique, but the execution of this chorus is worth a listen. With the repetition of the guitar in the background, the vocals and bass are front and center. I can only imagine this sounds a 100 times better live.

  • Nellie McKay - Bee Charmer (Featuring Cyndi Lauper)
    I still cant decide on song, after many repeated listens this morning. I love Nellie, and in spite of all the controversy with her record label on this new album, I have no doubt in my mind she's bound for a promising career. When I heard she was teaming up with Lauper on her new album, I was excited yet apprehensive. I find Nellie at her best when she is crooning clever lyrics with just her and a piano. With that said, this song is fun and creative, but it's not where I want Nellie to stay.

  • White Rose Movement - Love Is A Number
    They seem to be the talk of all the blogs at the beginning of this new year, and will be playing a couple shows in NYC this month. Another UK to add to your buzz list, White Rose Movement is living on the edge of dance-indie-disco-pop with New Order lyrics. Sound familiar? Sure. Will it get you moving? Absolutely. Is it okay to like it? Yes. You can bet you'll hear this DJed for quite some time.

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