Saturday, January 14, 2006

If I Had Changed My Mind | Tom Vek

Night #2 and still no sign of Tom Vek. I'm beginning to get worried.

After The Diggs fabulous show at Northsix, I hopped on the L train surrounded by the city's finest drunks and met up with Chrissy at The Skinny. We grabbed some drinks, and said hello to Nora and The GoStation (who had played earlier that night, and no, not with The Strokes).

After The Skinny, I convinced Chrissy that we had to pop into Orchard Bar to see if Tom Vek was there. Despite our exhaustion, we busted through the sweaty and smelly crowd to get back to the dance floor. Karen and Sarah were on decks, but no sign of my secret lover. At that point, sleep was calling me and I obliged.

Operation Find Tom Vek: still incomplete. Now I know he'll be djing at Misshapes tonight, but I don't think I have enough hipster heart to venture out there. We'll see.

Did you know Tom is going to be on the OC? That may be the closest I'll get. Damn.

  • Tom Vek - If I Had Changed My Mind


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