Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mommy Mommy | Spiffy Cox

So last night, Liz asked Joe and I if we've ever received any negative comments with the articles we've wrote or the work that we do. Joe has had people call up his house complaining over reviews. I've only been subject to some misled comments on Brooklyn Vegan's Voxtrot Post. I tend to only stick to bands I have positive reactions to, to avoid any hassle.

Except I guess it also happens when you don't mention anything at all. Let me preface the following message. If you are weak at heart or under the age of 18, you probably shouldn't read this. I try and refrain from any profanities on this site, but I fear it would take away from the intent of this message. This is a response I received via myspace, after yesterday's message. Without further adieu:

ha ha ha! don't make me laugh with that stinkin' tourist joint for bridge and tunnel ass clowns wearing pleats and button downs and all the homies upstairs! ha ha ha! yeah, right, all those meatheads talking about what a good time they had monday morning in their little $45,000-a-year office cubes!? fuckin' ha ha ha ha ha!!

you haven't done a goddamn thing to help my band, the REAL DEAL, you fucking indie poseurs chasing down garbage on labels. suck my genius cock you cross-eyed bitch.

YOU are the problem with indie music culture, trying to promote no-talent label garbage with your pseudo indie name. fuck off you creepy-ass creepity creepy fuckers with your retarded fucking hip hop suburban mall parties at ass mansion.

i wrote to you months ago about my brilliant Spiffy Cox shows and you didn't even have the courtesy to get back to me, you fucking two-bit cunt. you wouldn't know good music if it bit you on your jack ass.

you fuckin' dopes. you really make me laugh. i can assure you that i'll spread the word....i'm good like that for creeps, assholes, cunts and poseurs.

I'm a bit thrown off, and caught between utter disappointment and anger. Myspace is never the best place to contact me if you are a band. I've said that many times before. If you send me an email, I'm much more likely to respond. And if you send me a CD, I'll definitely listen to it. I am only one person, who does this magazine as a side project from finishing college and a part-time job to afford living in this city. I can't please everyone. So my apologies to Spiffy Cox for not doing anything to help his band. I'm trying to do everything I can. But I am no poseur. The bands I feature and the people who read the magazine are none of the aforementioned words.

So much for no hate mail.

You can listen to this "REAL DEAL" band and see for yourself. I am not here to judge, just help. So here's my helping hand.

  • Spiffy Cox - Mommy Mommy


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