Friday, January 6, 2006

Watch out Anton

Teenage Prayers @ Fat Baby

There was something very familiar about the scene at Fat Baby last night. No, it wasn't the venue. This was actually the first time I could actually see my surroundings. And no, it wasn't the sound coming from the stage because I can honestly say there is no band out there that sounds like The Teenage Prayers. But there was something there that I couldn't put my finger on.

Lots of people up on stage, lead by an eclectic lead singer. Check. Tambourines, varied instruments, and a sound completely unique. Check. If lead singer Tim started yelling at the crowd or kicking audience members it would have been a new coming of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. And yet I'm always one to defend that BJM is far more than their stage antics, because they are. And there, in front of me was the answer. Teenage Prayers are a more adjusted, put together and equally as talented BJM.

They are the type of band that you'd like to invite to your house and play for you. It’s laid back, drunken swagger that puts you in a feel-good mood. They discuss what song to play next up on stage, and then are excited about it when they finally decide. No gimmicks, no stunts -- just pure, unadulterated music.

I told my comparisons to my fellow show attendees last night and I was shocked to find out none of them have seen DIG!. I gushed about this movie in April and still find it to be one of the most interesting and necessary rock documentaries. So if you haven't seen it yet (you know who you are) go go go. Now. Go. You are still sitting there.

Fine. Watch this first:
DIG! Movie Trailer (Quick Time)

I thought so.


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