Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That Can Be Arranged | Tom Vek

Are you aware of my love for Tom Vek? Well while others may be excited over recent appearances by two of Hollywood's dashing divas, I am ready to find me some Mr. Vek.

Tom Vek @ Knitting Factory

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan, I now have his weekend schedule:

From StarTime:

If you see a diminutive, bespectled, and charming young man walking about Manhattan and Brooklyn this week, take a chance and welcome him to New York—it is probably Tom Vek. He drops by WNYC tomorrow to do a taping of their fabulous music show Soundcheck at 2pm (WNYC) and then goes up to MTV studios on Friday to host Subterranean. On Saturday night he'll be hitting the decks at MisShapes. But no sleep for him. At 6:30am he'll be on a flight to LA because Wednesday he'll be on the set of The OC performing "C-C" for an upcoming episode.

Here's the rundown.

Thursday, January 12th at 2pm. Soundcheck at WNYC at 2pm (listen live at 93.9FM or at

Friday, January 13th at 12pm. Taping at MTV for Subterranean. You can stand outside Times Square and scream his name (or mistake him for another celebrity). The show will air next week.

Saturday, January 14th at 12am. MisShapes. Tom hits the decks, you bring your Lacoste polo shirt and digital camera. or Put StarTime/Greenlights in the subject line.

Sunday, January 15th at 5:30am. Somehow making it to JFK.

Karen mentions he'll be dancing at Orchard Bar on Friday. That'll save me a trip to Misshapes. Hopefully I won't have to scream in Times Square now.

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