Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Name Is Trouble | Nightmare of You

The world is insisting I never see Nightmare of You play live. First it was CMJ traveling difficulties, then a transit strike, and tonight...well. I don't really have a very good excuse other than the fact that the show is sold-out and I missed out on getting my ticket. NOY open for Brit sensations Nine Black Alps and Hard-Fi at Bowery Ballroom, before heading back overseas for another tour. So it could be awhile before I ever see them.

Nonetheless, their self-entitled debut is quite good. My good friend Katie is a huge fan (I like to embarrass her) and was the one who introduced me to them this summer in London. We also interviewed the band for a feature in the latest issue of Underrated. (Download here)

I see lead singer Brandon Reilly around town and can't help but want to offer him a sandwich. I get the whole really-skinny-indie-boy thing, but I'm not seeing this one. Katie, I'm sure, would disagree. But we don't harbor on looks here, because you can't deny this guy write some pretty catchy songs with lyrics raise the bar -- especially when he talks about the hipsters. They apparently make him sick. I think I get the irony.

If you are in the area, the boys will be at Fat Baby tonight after the show for a little "bon voyage" party. There is no cover and the party starts around 11. Guitarist Joe McCaffrey be djing upstairs with the help of Brandon around midnight. Go have drink, dance, and maybe offer Brandon some food. Just a thought.

You can watch their video for "I Want to Be Buried In Your Backyard" here.

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