Tuesday, January 31, 2006

On The Road Again with We Are Scientists

I like receiving emails from musicians, but only if they aren't of the profanity infused law-suit threatening kind. Lucky for me 99% of them are friendly words of music a band is listening to or tour stories that make me giggle. Since I don't like to keep anything to myself, I thought I'd start a new feature on this little blog where musicians share some of their stories on the road.

We Are Scientists just started the NME tour over on the other side of the ocean with Mystery Jets (see yesterday's post), Maximo Park, and Arctic Monkeys. Damn. That is some lineup folks.

Anyways lead singer Keith Murray emailed me this morning to say whats up (unfortunately without marriage proposal, whatever). Here's what he has to say about life on tour.

We're in the UK now, on an NME tour with Arctic Monkeys and Mystery Jets and Maximo Park. I don't know if you've heard of Mystery Jets, but they are weird and wonderful and will probably be huge and will live on after all of the currently hyped bands (uh, ourselves included, probably) have been buried. There is no way to hype them, they're so strange but perfect and accessible. All i can say about Arctic Monkeys is that the mania is much deserved, and no matter how big the backlash ever gets, they will crush all who oppose them. Also, they are sweet kids who have somehow managed to not have their minds poisoned by fame and adulation. This tour is sweet.

Sweet. More bands/updates/emails to come in the near future.


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