Thursday, January 26, 2006

C'Mon | The Go Station

So I'm officially sick as a dog. Fantastic. Someone bring me chicken soup, because I've got a party to go to tomorrow night. I knew I shouldn't have gone out last night. Sigh.

After a fantastical dinner with the editors of Jane magazine (where I hope they will give me a job) I was riding on cloud 9. But then I was in the West Village. And Shindig! is the exact opposite of where I like to find myself on a Wednesday night.

We waited outside in the cold to then get a sad face markered on our hands from a guy in sunglasses and a hat. It was as cold inside the West Village loft that they converted into some party space. There were as many portapotties as there were girls in fishnets, cameras flashing and cigarettes lit. It was like I had stepped into some alternative hipster universe. We found the open bar first, and then Nora. And then it was time for The GoStation.

If you are unaware, The GoStation appeared on the cover of the sixth issue of Underrated. We're pretty big fans. And yet it's been a while since we've seen them play, and we anticipated their debut with their new lineup. We all made our way to the front, through the drunkards. The sound in this "venue" was awful. I tried my dearest to help the boys out, but unfortunately the sound guy couldn't have cared less that no one could hear Doug's vocals. Even so, what we could hear sounded better than ever.

The GoStation @ Shindig

There were two younger guys upfront that were so taken by the band I thought they may jump up on stage with them. The two girls in front of us found their songs ample opportunity to dance as if there were polls. Doug jumped down into the crowd for their last song, and Liz and I jumped around like the usual idiots we are at a The GoStation show. I cant wait to see them at their next show, at an actual venue, when they play the Crackers United show at Rothko on February 7.

After The GoStation we all headed back to get some air. No such luck, the "venue" was now packed. I ran into my favorite Five O'Clock Heroes who are as excited for tomorrow's show as I am. Apparently they were there to see Aberdeen City, so they sauntered up to the front. Liz wanted to stay in the back, but as soon as I heard "Pretty Pet" being played, I grabbed Joe and we pushed back up to the front.

Aberdeen City is a trip to see live. I never would think that playing the guitar with your teeth could be so appealing. But when it sounds as good as it does, I am even more impressed with their antics. From "Sixty Lives" into "Pretty Pet" into "God Is Going to Get Sick Of Me," I was like a little girl in a candy store. Until the evil NYPD closed down that candy store.

Shindig! was shut down, mid Aberdeen City set. I wasn't all that surprised. Antony told me it shut down the last time they played as well. So all the hipsters, in their skinny ties and leg warmers headed out into the Manhattan cold.

After a couple drinks in Union Square, which I probably shouldn’t have gone out for, I headed back to Brooklyn. My throat was scratchy and my nose was sniffling. I hadn't seen my apartment since 8 that morning and it looked like a bomb had hit it. I put on last night's Lost and fell asleep. I couldn't have been more hip if I wanted to.

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