Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mornings Eleven | The Magic Numbers

It seems appropriate I would come down with a nasty cold the week of Underrated's big bash. So even though I was sniffling away, drinking far too much tea (I'm British, remember), I convinced myself I couldn't miss out on going to meet up with Jay and Adam of The Light Footwork. For some reason before I go interview a band, I always think that they are going to be the strangest people on earth. I have no idea why. But no they are people just like us. It was fun chatting with Adam, and finding out about their fabulous album. I couldn't believe they have yet to actually play a show as a band. Crazy. They told me a lot more interesting things, but you'll just have to read it in the next issue. It was a very low-key listening party, appropriate for the album, with the usual blogger sightings in tow. Oh yeah, you should really buy this album.

So following the listening party, instead of going to se Ari or Tim Williams play, I opted to get an early night. After my subway broke down (yes, I have the best luck ever) I was home by 10 just in time for the new tv-show-du-jour, Love Monkey.

I missed the premiere last week, but I had heard a lot of chatter about the show. Everyone seems to have an opinion. I'm a sucker for cheesy TV shows so I figured I might as well check it out. If you know nothing about the show (where are you?) the premise is this: An A&R rep gets fired from a major label, steals his client, a 17-year-old singer/songwriter and starts at an indie label. He's got stereotypical friends (hello Brandon Walsh!) and two love interests. Comedy and Drama ensues.

But since this is a music blog, I won't go on and on about Tom Cavanagh's character should end up with the wonderfully talented Judy Greer. We'll talk about the music. I had high expectations, seeming that my favorite DJ, Mr. Nic Harcourt was music supervisor of the show. But it turns out the show is less interested in the indies (a la The OC) and more interested in the up-and-coming major label debuts. The kid Tom Cavanagh signs, Wayne, is played by real singer/songwriter Teddy Geiger. His album comes out on Sony in March, which happens to be one of the studios behind the show. He sounds very much like John Mayer, but at 17 years old, I give him credit. He does have some talent.

I have to say it's not a terrible show. The writing could be a bit wittier and less ridiculous. But I enjoy watching real New York City sidewalks. And I have to say that the song that Zoe (Britney Spears/Hilary Duff knock-off) performed with Wayne last night was actually kinda catchy. But what's missing is the real music that I assume Nic Harcourt would like to be featured. They have this opportunity at their fingertips to really make something out of this show, but part of me doesn't think it will eventually pan out.

There's a lot of people talking about this show that have much more formulated opinions that mine:

  • NY Times: Trying to Swim With the Record Label Sharks
  • Marathon Packs: Love Monkey Throws Its Own Crap At Rock Fans
  • There's even a blog: Love Monkey Blows
  • The Bible, aka Entertainment Weekly weighs in.

    Last night's episode featured guest spots from Ben Folds and Leann Rimes. Apparently next week She Wants Revenge performs. But last night did feature a great song by the wonderful Magic Numbers. I'll post that until I can find Zoe & Wayne's rendition of "My Inner Pain"

  • The Magic Numbers - Mornings Eleven


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